Undo The iPhone’s Upgrade to iOS 4.0

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iOS 4 firmware is one of the innovative and the latest in the series of operating system that has been introduced in market by Apple for its iPhone users. This firmware system has many latest and advanced features. Though the system is innovative and well designed, yet some people find it a bit difficult to handle.

iphone iOS 4.0

The intention of Apple has always been to give its customers a better product that is well adapted to the needs of the present times. However, keeping in view of the users sentiments some of whom find it irrelevant and difficult to operate, Apple has incorporated the option of removing the iOS 4 firmware with ease.

Below are listed the steps one need to follow in case they desire that the iOS 4 firmware is of minimal use and needs to be removed.

iphone iOS 4.0

1.) Download the previous firmware and save it

Before you decided to download and use the previous firmware, you must be having an older version of firmware. As that has been deleted, you will need to download the previous version, which was in use. Download and save the previous version in your computer at an accessible location or drive.

2.) Plug the USB and connect

Your Apple iPhone comes with an USB cable. Connect the same to the laptop or computer where you have stored the previously downloaded version of firmware. Your computer will take only few moments before it recognizes the device (USB) that has been connected.

3.) Select the iTune program

In normal circumstances, the computer opens the iTune by itself. In case the computer does not open the iTune program by itself, you will need to go to the start menu and select the iTune program from the menu.

4.) Click on the iPhone icon

The iTune folder is usually located in the device section. From this side bar located on the iTune folder, you need to select iPhone by clicking on the icon.

5.) Pressing the restore button

You will need to press restore in the iTune section. As you press the restore button, alt and shift needs to be pressed and held on simultaneously.

6.) Choosing the iOS firmware

Now you will need to choose the iOS firmware that you intend to restore on the iPhone. This can be done by browsing through the folders.

7.) Almost done

As you accomplish the above steps successfully, the work is almost done. To begin the installation process of the previous firmware, the ok button needs to be clicked. Now you can delete the latest iOS 4 firmware as you have almost caught up with the previous version of firmware.

iphone iOS 4.0

As you click on the ok button, the previous version of the firmware starts downloading and simultaneously a backup of the iPhone data is also created.

Undoubtedly, iOS 4 firmware is the latest innovation from the house of Apple, but in case you feel that you need to have the older version of firmware, following the above listed steps will help you accomplish the objective.

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