ANS Navigator App Now on Google Play

NNS navigation

ANS and NNG have come up with the new ANS Navigator App for Android smartphones in India. This App which is a fully featured turn by turn direction guiding is now available on Google Play Store at a cost of Rs 1,339. The app includes the very latest 2013 Q2 India map and content covering over 1.7 million km of road and more than 7.3 million Points of Interest (POIs).

NNS navigation

As the application is powered by NNG’s iGO Navigation Engine, it comes with a wide range of features that are relevant to Indian traffic such as Live Traffic for 11 major Indian cities, Enhanced Junction Views, Point Addressing, Route Alternatives, Speed Limits, and many more. Specially customised and developed for India, this new Integrated Quick Search (IQS) enables users to find and reach their destination easily and within seconds.

NNS navigation NNS navigation

Currently this application supports two screen resolutions on the following smartphones, however more models will follow soon:

Vice President of Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets at NNG Péter Bolesza, commented: “We have experienced a very strong demand for iGO Navigation in India. Our cooperation with ANS allows us to deliver our India-optimized solutions straight to the end user across a wide range of devices including PNDs, iPhone and now Android smartphones. The new application enables both drivers and pedestrians to find the optimal route at any time and in any situation – easy and quick, in the palm of their hand.”

Amit Sharma, is the Director at ANS India says, “Our recent product launches have confirmed the fast upward trend of navigation usage in India. With the iGO Navigation Engine at the heart of our products we can supply Indian drivers with proven and easy-to-use navigation solutions that take the stress out of driving on the busy Indian roads.”

Along with the turn-by-turn ANS Navigator App, ANS and NNG have also launched two map viewing applications on the Google Play Store:

  • ANS Traffic for Android (with Live Traffic updates): 199 INR
  • ANS Map Viewer for Android: free of charge

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