Top 5 futuristic cool sporty gadgets

A sport lover would always look for gadgets that are versatile and resist all accidents. For instance, a cyclist would prefer a gadget which keeps him connected to his peers while he is riding. Same way a jogger or a swimmer would look for waterproof gadget. Moreover, a sport lover would prefer to go for cool gadgets that could be carried along with him throughout his activity. Here is a list of 5 futuristic cool sporty gadgets.

1. The Bicycle Speakerphone

Bicycle SpeakerphoneThe Bicycle Speakerphone is must-have gadget for anyone who loves to ride but also needs to stay connected to his peers. This speakerphone can be securely mounted to the bicycles’ handlebars. It enables you to conduct hands-free mobile conversations. Bluetooth aids in connecting cell phones to the speakerphone. You can answer or reject the calls with a single touch of a button on the speakerphone. The integrated jack enables you to play music from a cell phone or an MP3 player. When you are listening to the music, you will be informed of an incoming call by the illumination of the call button and the sound played on the speakerphone.

2. Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit PlusIt is an incredible gadget that transforms your room into a gym space. Wii Fit Plus integrates fun and fitness into one product. Wii-Fit Plus allows you to exercise comfortably at whatever time of day or night as you like, which would have been impossible for you in a real gym. You can select from the wide range of exercises such as yoga that can be performed using the Balance board; strength training exercises and cardio workouts. The Wii-Fit Plus tools monitors your BMI & weight and displays the results in the form of graph so that you can spot the trends and modify your workouts.

3. Turbotrainer

TurbotrainerSometimes the weather may not encourage you to get out of town or to the track, but still you can maintain fitness at home with a Turbotrainer. No need to invest on an exercise bike. All you need to do is hook your bicycle up to the Turbotrainer and there you are get set to ride miles after miles without getting out of home. Riding with a turbotrainer makes you feel as if you are riding on the road or uphill. But you must be careful while using turbotrainer on a carpet or you may burn a hole.

4. Sony Walkman NWX-W262

Sony Walkman NWX-W262 Sony Walkman NWX-W262

The light weight Sony walkman is your perfect gym companion and running partner too. Its in-built MP 3 player provides you with great sounds. This compact and stylish Walkman is available in a range of pretty colors. Accidentally, if it slips in water, you need not worry as it is totally water resistant. This wireless design offers an eight hour battery life. It just needs 3 minutes to recharge.

5. Life Proof iphone case

Life Proof iphone caseIf you’re jogging or participating in some other sports, you can still have your iphone with you. This is really possible when you use a Life proof iphone case. Unlike other iphone cases, Life proof is waterproof, shock-proof and dust-proof. Whether you carry your device in water, ice or dirt, Life proof cases protect your device from getting damaged.

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