Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology

Gaming technology

If you have been outside the scope of gaming for a while, you will be surprised of these unbelievable advances in gaming technology. If you are a regular gamer, you have to recognize that a few years ago, none of these things were possible. There is a lot of technological development behind gaming right now. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

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If you come to think about the beginning of gaming, when everything was done with 8-bit graphs, we are now way advanced. With such resolution, it was only possible to show gigantic pixels and few colors. Now, we can take advantage of resolutions like 4K with hardware exceeding our expectations. Sometimes the rendered images for gaming seem even more detailed than real life.

Rendering Techniques

And speaking about rendering, there have been significant developments in recent years. It all started with the development of computing systems with increased capacity. They are able to handle more complex processes. That has given the opportunity to software developers to add more features to rendering software. Then it all falls into the hands and creativity of the digital animator.

About digital animation, there are new careers, professionals, and companies that put out some very realistic projects for gaming. That gives us as gamers the opportunity to enjoy an outcome like never before. Games are now delivered with the highest quality images that make you feel like if it all was real.

Virtual Reality

But a real outcome goes beyond a high-qualityimage with an entirely realistic render. You can put your hands in some awesometech gear and other advancements in virtual reality. These advancements are simple ideas brought in place or amazing gear for an immersive play.

virtual reality

One way to go is to make use of a headset for virtual reality. You can get plugged, and with the addition of few sensors, just move inside a virtual ambiance. This is a terrific idea that can actually transport you to other worlds where you can be anything.

Another option is to insert things into the real world. This has been possible due to the popularization of mobile devices with an embedded camera. You can use it to add other objects to your real life. The applications in gaming are broad, and you just have to download an App to make use of this terrific idea.

Smart Phones

Mobiles are not just something to be used by augmented reality. In fact, a smartphone is such a powerful device that can become an incredible mobile console. You don’t need a special device anymore just for gaming on the go. The advantage of using your smartphone for gaming is that you have it anyway. That way you can use it while you are traveling, and in the waiting room. With the possibility to browse for Apps for gaming anytime, you get a lot of flexibility.

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Internet Connection

But looking for apps while you are on the go is not the only advantage of a reliable internet connection. “The availability of Internet services around the world gives you the opportunity to make use of cloud gaming and live a social experience,” remarks Daniel Pitt, the game-section reviewer at Game Period.

Cloud gaming is a concept that has become very popular. You can load a game in the cloud and make use of resources that the end user does not necessarily have. This means that all the processing is done at a shared site somewhere in the world, and you the streamedcontent. This means you get only the images and other light information. Another advantage of playing in the cloud is to play the same game on multiple devices. Since your progress is saved in the cloud, you just have to log in to continue where you left it.

Being connected also brings you the possibility to play with people from anywhere in the world. Many services add features to start a quick game with known or unknown people. That adds challenging opportunities to those gamers who have a competitive spirit.

Other Features

Other features in gaming include gesture control, voice, and facial recognition. All these tech advancements seem easy, but they are not. They have been the result of extensive research and development in the past years.

The new trend is to have organic ways to play. Gesture control lets you get rid of your remote control and send commands with your bare hands. As for voice recognition, it is another way to give commands to your videogame console. This particular feature is getting better and better. The preference is to talk to your consoleas if you were talking to another person, and it is practically there.

As for facial recognition, it is mostly used to create an avatar that resembles your real self. It is like scanning you into the gaming world.

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