CoWrks Launches its second Workspace Facility in Bengaluru


Bengaluru headquartered co-working community venture, CoWrks, opened its doors to their second co-working facility on Old Madras Road (OMR) at RMZ Infinity. An ode to the technological and entrepreneurship spirit of Bengaluru, the facility boasts of a large format offering of 400 desks across 30,000 square feet of space. An estimated 1100 people making up a homogeneous mix of professionals from small scale enterprises, startups to a pool of freelancers, independent professionals &entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies are expected to move in within the next month.


Commenting on the evolution of co-working spaces in India, Sidharth Menda, Founder and CEO, CoWrks said, “The concept of shared, collaborative spaces has gained a tremendous thrust in India in the recent years. The innovation possibilities that this category brings with it, remains a key driver for us. As a brand, community building and bringing like-minded people within the same ecosystem remains core to our business. Old Madras Road is an emerging destination where IT/ITeS influence from the neighboring areas and rapid infrastructure development have resulted in considerable growth in a short time.Keeping the uniqueness and diversity of this megacity in mind, we have upped the ante on the design front for the OMR space specifically to suit the needs of the likes of an independent artist to a large MNC team.”


The creation of this vibrant and diverse community at the two spaces has set the stage perfectly for the launch of their community-building mobile app ‘CoWrks Connect’. An important milestone in their goal ofmerging technology and physical spaces, the app will allow users to bring further efficiency to their everyday work. In phase 1, tasks like membership management, booking of meeting rooms, printing files, filing support tickets and keeping track of events will be streamlined. Commenting on the long-term vision for the app, Nikhil Sud, CTO, CoWrks said, “As our community grows, we aim to create a layer of technology to supplement and enhance our physical presence.This will empower one of India’s most dynamic and fastest growing network of millennial professionals as they collaborate, share industry expertise and grow in their careers. In the long term, we will bring in more high-tech features like an artificially intelligent chat-bot and an online knowledge-sharing forum to bring in even more social collaboration and convenience to our members. We are confident that insights gained from usage patterns will help us understand their needs better and enhance our offerings right from location selection to space design.”

This latest phase of its market expansion comes hot on the heels of the tremendous success witnessed at its first facility at RMZ Ecoworld in August earlier this year which is already at full capacity. CoWrks is now focused on opening 10 facilities, across 4 metros in the next 6 months as part of a growth strategy encompassing both, entering key markets, and member growth. The two facilities combined, now offer 1.9 lakh square feet of space including 3200 desks designed to stimulate a work culture that dwells on collaboration between communities of like-minded individuals.

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