Renault Duster

Renault Duster was launched in India in the middle of last year and since then it was crossed all the sales expectations from the French auto manufacturer. This mid-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) made its first global appearance in the year 2009, and took almost three years to come to India. Still it has caught the attention of many SUV lovers especially with its name which suggests an aggressive and powerful looking SUV. Renault Duster price in India will start from Rs 7,00,000 to Rs 12,00,000 for the new 4×4 version.

Renault DusterExterior

The Renault Duster is a perfect offroader which is designed to drive on any types of roads and tracks. As the Duster uses the same platform of Logan, it falls under the D segment of cars. The front section of the car is characterized by a three slat grille with Renault Logo embedded in the center. Also on either sides of this grille are the double optic headlamps which give a clear vision for night driving. The side profile gets a sharpy cut beltline, whereas the rear end of the vehicle has a curved boot lid, vertically placed tail lamps, skid plate and windshield of hexagonal shape with rear viper.

Renault Duster Renault Duster


As the cost of Renault Duster had to be kept within limits suiting the average Indian customers, the interiors of Renault Duster doesn’t get the luxury touch as compared to some other high end SUV’s. Most of the features inside are similar to the Logan model from Mahindra & Renault. The instrument panel is highlighted because of the large dials as well as red coloured display to suit the SUV. With only 5 passengers seating capacity, the SUV gets 475 litres of boot space which can further be increased to 1636 litre by folding down the back seats. Other features included inside are music system integrated in the central console, Bluetooth and aux input functions, electrically programmable front seats and power windows.

Renault Duster interior Renault Duster interior


Renault Duster is available in both Petrol as well as Diesel engine options. The Petrol version gets a 1.6 litre engine with multi point fuel injection which produces a maximum power of 100.5 bhp at 5850 rpm and torque of 145 Nm at 3750 rpm. On the other hand the diesel version gets a 1.5 litre engine with common rail direct injection dci SOHC (Single Over Head Cam) which is tuned to get two power outputs of 83.8bhp as well as 108.5 bhp.

Renault Duster Renault Duster


Renault Duster will be between Rs 700,000 to Rs 850,000 for the petrol version, on  the other hand the Diesel variant will be priced between Rs 750,000 to Rs 1,150,000. However the soon to be released 4×4 version will be priced somewhere around Rs 12,00,000. This 4×4 version of Renault Duster is set to give competition to the yet to be launched Ford EcoSport which is also priced closed to the Renault Duster.

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