Animation creator

Animation Creator is a great app for the iPhone that allows the users to draw their own animated shorts. If you can draw or ever wanted to create your own animated drawing then Animation Creator from Red Software is just the right software you are looking for to sketch out simple but professional animations. And with the Animation Creator HD for the iPad one gets yet powerful drawing tools, color palettes, color sliders, shadowing and easy to use frame management to make their animations look smooth and alive.

Animation Creator

The app Animation Creator gives you a selection of drawing tools like the brush, rectangle, and the positioner to create the frame. Once finished with the first frame, one can create another frame by pressing the plus button, or delete the frame if you don’t like it by pressing the minus button. You can also copy the frame with the copy button in between them. Once you’re done drawing your frames, you can hit play to watch your creation in action. You can even control the speed at which the app plays your frames (anywhere between half a frame to 24 frames per second).

Animation Creator Animation Creator

The Animation Creator HD for the iPad has a lot of tools to help you along and make things a bit easier. First, you can make your background just about any color you want by picking from the available color swatches, or by adjusting RBG color sliders. You can also use the same options to select your tool color. You’ve got a brush at your disposal in addition to eraser, line, square, and circle tools. You can choose the pixel size of each tool using a slider that ranges from one to 100 pixels. Each frame can have up to three layers, which is a nice bonus—a layer positioner tool allows you to move those layers around. Unfortunately, you can’t scale or rotate a layer using this tool.

Animation Creator Animation Creator

The Standard Animation Creator app costs $0.99 however has a limited amount of drawing effects, However the Animation Creator HD for iPad costs $2 and offers a great great way to try your hand at animation.

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