Acquire for photoshop

Acquire for Photoshop is an exciting and handy tool for the Photoshop users and iPhone bloggers. This great app saves a lot of time and steps as well as the process flowing without interruption. It’s also very simple to use. Take a photo on your iPhone, or select an existing photo from the Camera Roll, and Acquire for Photoshop instantly pushes that image through to the desktop software, ready for editing, viewing, tweaking or whatever else.

Once “Acquire for Photoshop” is installed on an iOS device, enable the remote server in your Photoshop CS5& put your iDevice and PC on the same WiFi. The app requires a bit more freedom as chances are that your firewall or security software will require you to authorize this access before the images appear.

acquire for photoshop Acquire for photoshop

The app costs only about $1.99 and sends the image using Wi-Fi to Photoshop using the Adobe’s Remote Connect feature introduced in PS5.


Simple: Acquire is designed to do one really useful thing, and do it well. It does.

Powerful: Acquire connects to Photoshop using WiFi, so you can quickly send images to any copy of Photoshop CS5 on your network.

Flexible: Acquire supports multiple simultaneous connections, so you could have several devices shooting images to a single machine at once.

Secure: Communication between your device and Photoshop is encrypted, so your system remains secure.


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