GPS Technology comes to Shoes

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If you are worried that your loved ones may walk off or drive away and end up somewhere else and may not remember how to get back home then here’s a perfect solution for you.  Aetrex the footwear company has come up with a new kind of GPS Shoes that has the GPS technology from the GTX Corp.

gps shoesThese technologically advanced shoes are especially made for tracking and are targeted to those who are inflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and who have a tendency to wander and get lost whose caretakers would want to know about their whereabouts.

gps shoes gps shoes

These GPS shoes features the latest GPS tracking technology which is embedded in the base of the right heel with the location coordinates sent to a central monitoring system. The GPS antenna is placed behind the heel so that GPS signal does not get blocked by the body. When your near and dear ones are wearing the Aetrex GPS Shoes, you have the technology to quickly track and locate their whereabouts using interactive tracking website service. There is a USB port in the shoe primarily used for charging the battery of the product. When the battery starts getting low the GPS shoe system starts sending email or text messages to remind the caretaker when the battery is dying out.

The cost of the shoe is around $299.99. The GPS shoes come in men’s and women’s models, and in two colors, white and black. Customers who purchase the shoe also need to pay a monthly fee for the GPS monitoring service. Service offered is of two levels, one is location alerts every 30 minutes for $34.99, or every 10 minutes for $39.99. Online customers can go and create a virtual fence that is a geographic fence around a person’s residence and can get special alerts anytime the person wearing the shoe leaves that area.

Finally this innovative footwear will provide the comfort and safety for you and your family.


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