Facebook Mobile advertising: Is it worth your time?

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Facebook has become a very popular term in everyone’s life for the people accessing internet. This social networking site is now able to render the support mechanism for a wide range of mobile devices and its classic example is Facebook Mobile. In order to access this social networking site over your mobile devices, the developers at FB end had to do a number of things. In fact, they have their own interest of doing so since FB generates a huge amount of its revenues through advertising. In other words, you can also claim that the entire business of this social networking site is run by the revenue generated by the advertising option only. Well, let’s check whether Facebook Mobile Advertising is a worthwhile thing in the present context or not.

Facebook Mobile advertisingFacebook and mobile advertising- does it fits into the bills

When you see FB making so many changes on its end to fit into the ad world in terms of mobile devices, yet you could find a couple of constraints worthy discussing to check whether it’s can work or not. Generally FB mobile advertising faces only one big issue wherein the users do not get sufficient space to go through these ads. This in turn simply rules out the scope of carrying out high end dynamic advertising. If you look at any layman’s perspective simply compare the computer screen with the phones and you will get the answer.

Different types of Facebook mobile advertisements

Looking at this constraint, you should worry about jumping into any kind of conclusion whether or not the FB ads over the mobile platforms are not worthwhile phenomenon in the current context. Firstly you are supposed to understand the different types of ads, which the social networking giant generates for the mobile applications. As discussed above, it is really a difficult task to place the dynamic adverts via FB Mobile. However, it is still able to come with different types of adverts, which could be placed over a number of news feeds of any specific user. In this case, the sponsored links and stories get their priority. All the promoted links from the web page, which the users have likes could be shown over the news feed. Hence your friends’ activities over FB also play an important role when you talk about promoting any product via Facebook Mobile Advertising. The feature of FB called Ad in-line is used to carry out this specific task. This would simply allow you render similar kind of ad experience over both the mobile and desktop computing devices.

Facebook Mobile advertisingThe success of mobile ads

The mobile ads have got a good amount of success if you look at the perspective of Facebook business. A good number of advertisers are now seen choosing for this medium for their ad campaign success. The reason could be less amount of competition in the FB phone device ad world. Since FB’s mobile interface doesn’t have any birthday or event reminders in it, hence it’s quite natural to see the ads being placed over the news feed of any user. The point of focus of the users always remains at the news feed hence this could be a better option to allow the ads being noticed by all the users.

The constraints

Unlike any new idea implantation, this venture too could be seen with a price. The basic purpose of Facebook is to retain its users. However, with the growing number of ads coming over the news feeds of the Facebook users, you may find them a bit uncomfortable seeing these unwanted adverts. Hence they may avoid accessing Facebook using mobile phones. So it is imperative to consider this point in order to control the ads coming over the Facebook mobile.

Facebook Mobile advertisingFinal word

Whether the mobile ads are really worthy in the current context or not would be eventually decided by the users accessing them. However, considering the amount of pleasure and features people enjoy, perhaps it would be worthy for them to bear up with these ads to retain their fun and enjoyment over this social networking site.

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