Madpad is a very unique app and can be described as an app that allows users to make video soundboards using video clips recorded with the same app. This ‘reality sampler’ gives you a grid of 12 video clips to fill with whatever sounds you can dig up and challenges you create a beat with the samples. You can then share your work using some of the social networking sites especially YouTube.

Madpad for iPhone as well as iPad is developed by Smule which has also developed some of the other cool apps like Magic Guitar, Magic Piano, Sonic Lighter etc. The app is also like an electronic drum style instrument, which allows you to make music out of sounds in your day-to-day life, from the band of a door, to pouring some coffee in your cup.


The app provides you with a 3×4 grid of tiles, which makes a sound once you tap on them. Sets of sounds are bundled with the app, but you can also download hundreds of additional sets, right from the app for free. Madpad also has video support, so apart from the sound; it also loops the video when tapped. This can be recorded from the camera of the device when you record the sound.


Madpad costs $1 for iphones and the iPad edition costs $3.

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