New Generation HID Lights

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HID lights are a step up from the normal halogen lighting system for cars and can be retrofitted if required although they can be quite expensive. The majority of luxury cars on the market are fitted with HID lights as a standard feature. The main advantage of HID lights is that they deliver far more light intensity than halogen bulbs – up to three times as much, yet consume less power.

HID lights

HID bulbs use xenon gas rather, than halogen and work on a totally different principle. A halogen bulb uses a filament from high resistance tungsten that heats up when electricity passes through it providing the light. The main disadvantage with these bulbs is that a lot of the energy provided is wasted as heat. HID bulbs produce an electric arc between two electrodes. The arc is so hot that it vaporizes a metal halide covering the electrodes, therefore producing more light.

HID bulbs give out a natural bright white light, which has not only far more light intensity compared to a normal bulb as already mentioned that it has an in built safety factor because of its colour and high visibility.

HID lights

If you have halogen bulbs in your car headlights, then it is possible to convert them into HID lights with a conversion kit. The kit includes a ballast or power system which converts the car’s 12volt system to a higher voltage which is needed to power the HID xenon.

There are a number of upgraded halogen bulbs on the auto market which are not true HID bulbs as they only contain a small amount of added xenon. While they do have some advantages over ordinary halogen bulbs, they do not have the features of true HID xenon lighting system.

HID lights

Most car lights can be retrofitted with HID xenon kits from a number of auto spare parts or auto lighting dealers successfully without affecting the original wiring. This includes not only the main headlights, but auxiliary lights and fog lights if fitted. Most dealers will provide a number of different kits which are priced to suit individual needs and budgets.

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