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Ever wondered which car are you looking at or seeing at a celebrity can’t recollect the name, then search for all those answers just by taking a picture using an Android phone with the application Google Goggles. This app is a downloadable image recognition application created by Google Inc which can identify products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can also translate words in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Russian.

 Google Goggles

The Google Goggles uses image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. When you capture an image, Google breaks it down into object-based signatures. It then compares those signatures against every item it can find in its image database. Within seconds, the Google Goggles returns the results to you, ordered by rank. Some results are returned before you even snap a photo, thanks to seamless integration of GPS and compass functionality.

Google Goggles Google Goggles

– Scan barcodes using Goggles to get product information
– Scan QR codes using Goggles to extract information
– Recognize famous landmarks
– Translate by taking a picture of foreign language text
– Add Contacts by scanning business cards or QR codes
– Scan text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
– Recognize paintings, books, dvd, cds, and just about any 2D image
– Solve Sudoku puzzles with Google Goggles

 Google Goggles Google Goggles

If you haven’t tried Google Goggles on your Android phone or don’t have it installed, I’d recommend just try at least once. There are times when something like that come in really handy and it’s just nice to be familiar with it so you know you have it at your disposal.

Download link:

Google Goggles

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