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Symantec has come up with two premium security suites-the Norton 360 Everywhere, which protects multiple platforms in one solution and the second being an update to the award winning Norton 360. Launched last week, the Norton 360 Everywhere is a comprehensive security solution built to provide security across various platforms as well as devices. For those people who have multiple devices but want a simple easy to use security solution, this software does a great job by providing protection to PC’s, Macs, phones and tablets right away.

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If given a serious thought, all your personal information including telephone numbers, personal and work related documents, and hundreds of family pics are all nowadays stored in the form of digital files in one or the other devices. If any of your content is ever wiped out or lost from these devices, the outcome can be heartbreaking. And that’s the reason why Symantec has come up with the Norton 360 Everywhere that removes spyware and viruses, blocks unsafe websites and automatically backs up your files locally or online to keep them safe. Apart from these features, the software also protects your identity by storing one’s website logins and warns you away from sites created to steal your personal information.

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Another great feature of the Norton 360 Everywhere is the requirement of only one key to activate protection on all the devices, which is unlike bundle of various products in the market that requires multiple product keys. The software uses a cloud-based Norton management console that lets users to take charge of their device’s security from any place and at any time.

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With the Norton 360 Everywhere one can protect any combination of 5 devices, at the same time switching protection from one device to another as per the requirement. Norton provides an automatic local or 25 GB of online storage using this software. The current price of the Norton 360 Everywhere is around $99.0.

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