The Blackberry Playbook

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One of the fore-runners among the high-performance tablet PCs in the market is the Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE. Being released on August 9, 2012, it is the latest device to run the BlackBerry tablet OS which is based on QNX Nutrimo, a Unix-like OS. This article helps to get a quick look on the specifications of this Playbook. Coming to hardware of the latest 4G LTE, it has got 1.5 GHz processor. 

Distinguished Perspectives of iPhone 5

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IPhone 5 is the latest Smartphone released by the Apple Corporation. It is a sixth generation Smartphone with latest apps and features. There are many successful features in iPhone 5 as compared to its earlier products: Operating system: The iPhone 5 is simply redesigned with a beautiful home screen and latest Operating System which enables addition of a fifth row of icons. It comes with. 

Tips on surviving with a Wi-Fi-only Tablet

By Margaret | On Monday, January 28th, 2013 - 2 Comments »

Introduction Wi-Fi only tablet are available with 3G or 4G capability at affordable prices. Reason behind is the price of iPad are very higher and with 3G plan, additional cost comes. In the case of Wi-Fi only tablets no additional cost comes and hence priority among public goes to this. Let us see the importance of it with its existing facilities. Tether Your Smartphone Connection One can. 

A Good Career in IT Goes a Long Way

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Career choices: All of us have our own career choices to make. Some of us like to live the good life, see a lot of money in our lifetime and decide to invest and live life to the full. A lot of others don’t really have all those ambitions, for some of us it is enough to have money for food and clothes, and a roof over our heads. Also, a lot of us have very specific designs as far as our. 

Undo The iPhone’s Upgrade to iOS 4.0

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iOS 4 firmware is one of the innovative and the latest in the series of operating system that has been introduced in market by Apple for its iPhone users. This firmware system has many latest and advanced features. Though the system is innovative and well designed, yet some people find it a bit difficult to handle. The intention of Apple has always been to give its customers a better product.