Relation Between Games and Studies

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The infographic explains how games can be really helpful for children in creating the friendly learning environment which traditional books and methods fail to achieve for the contemporary generation of children. It can also be argued that nowadays children are grown up with the constant awareness of technology in their subconscious. This awareness makes them accustomed to using these technological. 

CoWrks Launches its second Workspace Facility in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru headquartered co-working community venture, CoWrks, opened its doors to their second co-working facility on Old Madras Road (OMR) at RMZ Infinity. An ode to the technological and entrepreneurship spirit of Bengaluru, the facility boasts of a large format offering of 400 desks across 30,000 square feet of space. An estimated 1100 people making up a homogeneous mix of professionals. 


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The mobile phones have become so common that nearly every person possesses a mobile phone. The ultimate end which mobile phones serve for most people is communication, that is to say, people use mobile phones primarily because they would be able to communicate with others. You might feel awkward at first when you are told that there are people who possess mobile phones, and when it comes. 

Parooz – Easy App to make make new friends or find date

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India has always been a nation of matchmakers. It started with village fixers and then progresses to professionals scouting out compatibility between families or maybe someone in your family that knows “just the right person”. Then came the internet and a myriad of dating sites, and more recently, mobile dating apps have been popping up, due in part to the explosion of mobile phone adoption. 

The secret of iPhone 6S

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iphone 6s

Apple Inc introduced the iPhone 6S with a 3D touch and an improved camera, but is that enough tech to keep pace with the Android competition? Let’s find it out. On the first glance, the iPhone 6S doesn’t look any different from its predecessor. On every glance, in fact the 6S is near identical to the mega selling iPhone 6. Apart from the ‘S’ on its rump and a slight weight gain that.