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Have you ever liked any music being played in a mall or restaurant and wondered which one is this, or tried to find the information on Artist or Album, then Shazam is just the right application for your Android device. It is a free application which you can download from the Android market and lets you identify music instantly so that you can tag it as often you like without any monthly limits. Shazam. 

Samsung MV800

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The Samsung MV800 is now a known camera to all as you might have seen images of this camera on television and in magazines. The first thing anyone will notice about the MV800 camera is the LCD panel fanning out in various angles, as if opening up a page in the book. It allows you new viewing angles, though it achieves half the 360 degrees movement of the display in more advanced cameras. The. 

HTC Titan

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The HTC Titan is a titan indeed with its gigantic 4.7inch screen alone which sets it apart from the competition. Showcasing the new Windows Phone 7 Mango OS, HTC has added its own user interface tweaks to make it even better. With the largest screen on any Windows phone, the HTC Titan let you work and play big. This phone from HTC is perfect for multitasking, editing Office documents with. 

Nokia Lumia 800

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The wait for the first Windows Phone from Nokia ended with the release of Nokia Lumia 800, a gorgeous smartphone. Nokia used the design of N9 with the Windows Phone mango software to make what we see here as the Nokia Lumia 800.  Within just six months the company made this phone so as to give competition to the other giants in the market. Available in black, cyan and magenta, the Nokia. 

Procreate for iPad

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Procreate for iPad is a digital and drawing application with the best illustration features. Procreate looks pretty similar to Sketchbook Pro and both these applications have convincing simulations of real-life paintings techniques. But what makes this app stand out is that it’s the first app to focus specifically on making the iPad a drawing and painting tablet. Procreate is a sophisticated.