NASA finds 11 new Solar Systems

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NASA’s planet-hunting space telescope Kepler  has found 11 new Solar Systems piled with 26 exoplanets, including one with five planets all orbiting closer to their parent star than Mercury circles the Sun. With this latest revelation, the number of known multi-planetary star systems has just tripled and the list of confirmed planets beyond our solar system has doubled. With this. 

Bose Videowave

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The Bose Videowave is a home entertainment system for the big show-off guys who don’t like to have messy wiring and setup of surround speakers or even to see these wires in open. Bose the audio equipment specializer has brought this special and new home theatre product with a unique surround system integrated into a 46-inch LCD TV. Also this product comes with a first-of-its kind click. 

Batman: Arkham City

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The Arakham City builds upon an intense, atmospheric foundation of  Batman: Arkham Asylum, leading the players inside the Arkham City which is the new maximum security home for all of Gotham City’s thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds. All the actions take place under the open skies of Arkham City, a closed section of Gotham that incarcerates evil masterminds. Unlike in Arkham. 


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Electronic Arts in partnerships with the Canadian developer Black Box have again come up with a new NFS, the NFS Run. The first striking thing that anyone will notice in the game is the effect of Frostbite 2 which makes the Run look absolutely splendid- graphically, the best yet in the series. The life-like surroundings, lacking in previous editions barring Hot Pursuit, has upped the level. 

Assassins Creed Revelations

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One of the most famous Italian assassin Enio Auditore da Firenze is back-for the last time. Assassins Creed game developer Ubisoft has decided to let him retire in peace after his one last mission. This will also be game’s final installment of the Renaissance era, which is good news as you can hardly distinguish Rome from Constantinople. Assassins Creed Revelations comes with the most impressive.