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Guys loving cars are often watch guys and vice versa too. Both the areas of manufacturing and design both extol precise engineering and exquisite styling but place a premium on performance first and foremost. Perhaps that’s why we perceive so many cross-overs-a lot of icons from the watch industry named after or linked to the most prestigious race and cars ways within the automotive world. You can always get a great car easily enough at Quality Nissan-Temecula. It’s even easier find a great watch for an automobile lover- you simply have to look at the choices on this list.

Rolex Daytona Cosmograph
All rise, here comes the King. There exists simply not any other watch more frequently associated with racing, with such a fantastic pedigree, which is so well made, and so in demand. The stainless Daytona (named after the Daytona International Speedway and Daytona 500 race, naturally) has been a backlisted and wait-listed item at most of the Rolex dealers for years. It had been the favorite of amateur racing aficionado Paul Newman, so much so that some vintage Daytonas are classified as “Paul Newman” in his honor. The Cosmograh is a simply a trade-marked Rolex name for a chronograph-a stopwatch, in other words. By converting its time to your number in miles per hour, the bezel is graduated using a table that easily offers the speed of your car running a course. We believe that’s very cool.

Rolex Daytona CosmographTag Heur Monaco
Just as Paul Newman was associated with an iconic racing watch, so too was another movie super star of his era: Steve McQueen. McQueen, who was an avid amateur racer in his private life, wore the distinctive square-shaped Monaco inside the classic racing film, Le Mans. Like the Rolex Daytona, the Monaco is an automatic chronograph, so timing laps is easy with the Monaco. It’s also rather easy on the eyes.

Tag Heur Monaco

Seiko Sportura Honda F1
At a more pleasing price point, we find another very interesting watch with a killer racing association. Seiko partnered with Honda F1 and driver Jenson Button and that watch is a result. Unlike mechanical automatics like those found in the TAG and the Rolex, Seiko’s Sportura uses their proprietary Kinetic movement. It harnesses the wearer’s wrist motion to charge battery power inside the watch case that can last for approximately five months on a singe charge. Obtainable in models starting from $600 all the way as much as $4000 for a carbon fiber bracelet and dial exclusive edition, the Seiko Sportura Honda F1 can be a versatile line that has something for everyone.

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