Choosing the Right Light For Your Home

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The right sort of lighting can make a big difference to the ambiance of a room. Finding the right one is quite easy really, once you know the things you need to watch out for.

Here are a few tips about finding the best ceiling light which can enhance your décor and well as provide the right sort of lighting for the room.

Things To Consider

The height of the ceiling can make a big difference to the perfect lighting for any room. If the ceiling is 8 feet high or more then you will be able to choose a hanging light with a chain suspension or a pendant which hangs quite a distance from the ceiling. The measurements of these fittings do not generally include the chain so think about that before making your purchase.

Light For Home

If the ceiling is slightly lower than 8 feet however you may be better to choose a semi flush fitted light fixture. This type of light doesn’t have a chain but may be suspended by a rod or mount.

If your ceiling height is lower than 7 feet 6 inches however you should really consider a flush light fitting. There are many flush light fittings to choose from which can make a nice focal point for the room.

Before you even think about choosing a light for your ceiling remember to measure the height of it first – it can save a lot of headaches for the taller members of the family.

Talking About Style

The next thing you need to think about is the style you want to achieve in your home. Do you want something modern and contemporary or something more traditional? Do you live in a modern property with an Art Deco vibe or a traditional farmhouse which dates back a few decades?

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Try to keep the style of light fittings the same as the styles of the rest of your furnishings. You must choose a light fitting which fits in nicely with your home and not something which is super trendy just because it is the latest fashion. Trends and fashions come and go but a well chosen light fitting can blend in nicely to your home and be an attractive and functional feature for very many years instead of becoming out-dated and out of style.

What About The Size

To put it plainly the general size of your light fitting will determine how much illumination will shine down into the room. A chandelier with three lights will almost always be a smaller fitting than a five lighted chandelier so remember to check out the diameter of any fittings you fancy.

Diameter is an important thing to be taken into consideration. A light fitting with a larger diameter will have the bulbs spread apart further and emit the light further into the corners of the room. Larger rooms need larger light fittings as a general rule to hold more light bulbs and emit more light.

The amount of illumination you have in your room is down to personal choice and is also determined by what the room is used for. Whereas you may be happy with a soft, gentle and subdued lighting in the bedroom you may prefer to have brighter illumination in the living room for when you want to read or do something else which requires a lot of focus.

Light For Home

There are lots of different lighting options available at Have a look and see what takes your fancy remembering all of the tips above.

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