Why are Indian Mobile Brands faring better in India than International Brands?

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Every international mobile behemoth is here in India. However, in the recent past, Indian mobile brands are doing better than their international counterparts. The main reason behind these success stories is their better understanding of the Indian market psyche and needs. Some of the major advantages enjoyed by the domestic mobiles over international mobile brands make for an interesting case study:

Indian Mobile BrandsLow Price

Indian consumers expect great products at affordable prices. Getting the best value for money is what Indian audiences crave for. This is where the indigenous brands score over the internationally acclaimed mobile behemoths such as Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, and many more. The Indian brands offer customers with all kinds of popular features at the least possible price. This is their basic strategy of wooing customers to their fold. In fact, Micromax, Lava, and many other acclaimed domestic brands are expanding their market share by following this basic aspect. In fact, the quality of these phones is standard. Indian consumers therefore get quality mobile phones with all popular features at far lower prices than what the global brands can offer.

International Brands

Facility of Dual SIM

Dual SIM option helps Indian customers get the best value for their mobile because they no longer have to buy two handsets for two SIMs. These types of sets have extremely high demand because customers can use two SIMs of two different network connections. There is a craze for availing SIMs of different service providers because of the poor network availability. If one network is slow or not working, dual SIM facility helps the consumer to quickly switch to the other network to stay in touch. As both the SIMs remain functional at the same time, these dual SIM mobiles are becoming increasingly popular among the Indian masses. In most of the cases, it has been found that one SIM is used for official/business purposes and the other for personal use.

Dual-Sim-Phones_1 Dual Sim Phones_2

Features that the youth love

Indian mobile brands emphasize on the inclusion of features that are preferred by the young generation. Some of the usual features include access to social media, popular ringtones, wide range of games, large display screen and stylish looks. Domestic mobile companies try to attract school and college kids by making handsets that are youthful and colorful. When it comes to social media access, they want to get connected to the popular websites like Facebook, Gtalk, Twitter, You Tube, and many more. You will always find a youngster listening to songs and music on his or her mobile. They download the latest songs and ringtones and listen to them while on the go. Games are liked by all, especially the younger generation. You will find everyone playing Angry Birds nowadays. All these features are incorporated by the Indian mobile companies to attract more and more customers. In fact, this is also helping them to expand their customer base.

Features in phones

Currently, the biggest challenger to the international mobile brands, especially Samsung, is Micromax, which has a 22% market share. It is followed by Karbonn, having a market share of 13%. The other Indian brands (including Lava, Intex, Celkon, etc.) that dominate the market, have a share of nearly 29%, excluding iPhone’s miniscule market share (around 3%). In fact, the 32% share of Samsung during 1st quarter of 2013 has also slid to 26% during the 2nd quarter. Therefore, a rise in dominance of the Indian mobile companies is very clear. While analyzing the various reasons of this phenomenal rise of Indian brands, let us consider an example to elucidate the phenomenon better. Suppose a person, say a student wants to buy a new smartphone for the first time. What is a more probable situation? To buy a Rs. 30,000 handset or one with more or less the same features at a price range of Rs. 10,000 and 12,000? Obviously, the second situation is more probable. This is where the domestic mobile manufacturers are scoring over their foreign peers. In fact, companies like Micromax, Karbonn, and others have adopted new advertising strategies recently, which helped them get established at par with foreign brands and therefore they are not compared with the Chinese imports anymore.

Some of the other features that make these mobile brands a better choice than the international ones include SMS text features, inclusion of Indian festival charts, access to astrological predictions, pictures of religious places or Gods, latest cricket information, Bollywood updates, and many more.

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